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Parasha: The Last Unicorn - April 14th reading (non-spoilers)

Oopsie, running a bit late today.

Awww, poor Molly. She manages to try to curtsy, and Schmendrick just laughs at her. Not his shining moment, personality-wise. That, and the jealousy.

And now we have a new companion on the quest. We don't see the unicorn's thoughts in this one though, so I'm not really sure just why she reacts as she does to Molly. But at least she comes across better this chapter than the wizard does!

The little interlude with the prince and princess though is amusing, at least. "And of course I am pure and untouched." Well if you have to declare it like that...

It's interesting to see the contrast of Schmendrick and Molly as they travel, as well. Molly coming alive like a new spring under the unicorn's presence, and Schmendrick unraveling as he mourns his magic. I guess it's harder to have it for a moment then lose it again, than to not have it at all.

And more talk of Haggard, and mention of him "coming over the sea," which I didn't remember. Hrmm, interesting, wonder if it's meant to tie into anything in particular.
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