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Given the number of people who have the book already (myself included), I'm assuming spoiler and non-spoiler sections are a good thing again?

When the last eeaaaagle flliiiiies over the....

Oh, right, book, not movie. Sorry. *ahem*

More seriously, I'll say from the start that it's going to be... odd for me to take the book on its own, here. Because I was extremely familiar with the movie long before I got my grubby little hands on the book, and given that so much of the dialogue of the movie is lifted straight from its pages... it's just odd! But I'll give it the old college try. That is, if it bothers me I'll go get drunk and forget about it.

Or not.

ANYhow. I like how the book spends the very start convincing us of how really little a unicorn looks like a horse, just to then go into the rest of the chapter, where she's constantly being mistaken for a white mare. Okay then!

Really, the whole "wandering around a wood alone, watching the creatures and just... existing" sounds like a pretty damn dull way to spend eternity to me, but then again I'm not a unicorn.

Very learned and poetic folk, these hunters in the middle of a unicorn's forest! I guess they nip out for a bit of bloodsport in between their Shakespeare readings.

We also don't get all that much of the sympathetic protagonist treatment even though she's a unicorn, since one of the first things we're hit over the head with is her vanity. Still despite that, she seems fairly sympathetic. Just not a Mary Sue. Which isn't too bad, for a unicorn, I guess?

I was thinking of looking up the various snippets from the butterfly's dialogue, but then realized I'd be here all damn day, especially since I don't know how much of it's made up by Beagle and how much not. I did look up "owl-light" though which is apparently a "glimmering or imperfect light." Although I don't know why. Likewise when searching for the unicorn's snippet of song after, the only thing I find quoted back at me is from this book, so I'm guessing it was just made up.

And we have a properly sinister and cliffhangery ending to the first chapter, what with the Midnight Carnival, and the capture of the unicorn. Poor unicorn.

A reminder of the schedule. Although no one really commented on it, so I guess it's not too late to alter it a bit if needed, but there it is.


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Apr. 11th, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)
I'm late to the game, so I'll be brief. I just love the language in this book. I may be horribly biased, since this is one of those books I read & re-read as a kid, along with Tolkien, and later Zelazny. But while _The Eye of the World_ is full of description, this is full of poetry.

Speaking of Jordan... was anyone else struck by how *much* happened here? We're introduced to a world and a character, there are intimations about how the world has changed, then the mention of the Red Bull. Then she starts off on the journey, and is captured. All in one chapter!
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