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And the big announement...

Is some sort of weird auction/contest thingy. o_O

To show our appreciation of fan support and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of BioWare, we have created the BioWare Bazaar – a week-long series of mock online auctions beginning April 6th that will feature over 400 items ranging from custom painted PC's, Alienware laptops, BioWare apparel and more!

To bid on these items, fans will need to collect tokens through various challenges. The first auction begins at 9 AM PST on Tuesday, April 6th, with new items being made available every 15 minutes, ending 4 PM PST Saturday, April 10th. So tell your friends, start collecting tokens, and get ready to win some amazing prizes! For more information on token collection visit the My Tokens page.

Kinda disappointing. I mean, it sounds like it might be neat in theory, but lots of hoops to jump through, and frankly with the big countdown and all, I was really hoping for an awesome new game announcement. -_- Did we really need the big production for this?
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