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Parasha: Frankenstein March 27th reading

The last of the Frankenstein! And a bit long, oops. If I'd realized how long it was, I'd have broken it up into the main chapter and the ending letters or something, but too late now.

And so. We have Victor's Big Revenge Scheme, which ends up with him being an idiot once again and DYING before even touching the Creature. And if he does get revenge, it's only through the Creature's own mindset, not his own actions. Way to go, Victor!

Now that he's all, y'know, dead and all, I do feel a bit more sympathy for Victor. I mean, yeah, he was an idiot all the way through, and self-centered, but I wouldn't say to the point where it deserves having almost every single person you love brutally murdered, and yourself dying miserably in the Arctic.

And yes, poor little Creature, woe is you for feeling OH SO BAD about what that mean ol' society made you do. Gah.

And even after the long story from Frankenstein, Walton is still totally admiring Frankenstein, which drops my estimation of his taste quite a few notches, but hey. I also like how Victor's all "no no, you must not have ambition, it will destroy you!" to Robert, and then when the crew wants to go back he's all "Where are your balls, men?" Which might have something to do with the fact that the Creature is still to the north, and that whole self-centeredness thing.

And let's not go into all the Good Little Spirits spurring Victor on and helping him out instead of giving him a clue-by-four from beyond the grave.

Anyhow, I think that'll do it for me for now.. anything further that I've forgotten I'll mention in the wrap-up for the whole book, probably tomorrow.

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