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Parasha: Frankenstein March 25th reading

Yes Victor, let's just sit and mope and be silent about this thing you created, when the very people you could be WARNING are quite possibly his targets. Way to go!

At least it turns out Elizabeth isn't opposed to the idea of her marriage, although it doesn't seem like anyone actually *consulted* her about it... but Victor Victor Victor. You are an idiot. Why the hell would you think the Creature would kill *you* rather than your bride on your wedding night? Argh the stupid, it burns! (Stupid BAD!)

I also love how he's willing to let her know of all he's done... AFTER she's safely tied to him. Argh! Just... argh!!

And WTF people, pushing for a wedding when the groom is currently half-mad? Apparently the stupidity, it is inherited.

I'll just end my little capsule of the chapter here, before I start ranting even more. :p
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