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Parasha: Frankenstein March 24th reading

Okay, is ANYONE surprised that it was Clavell that ended up dead? Anyone? Show of hands?

Also, coincidence much? I mean, he just HAPPENS to drift out to sea, and end up way off course and at the village where the Creature just killed his friend, just in time to be arrested for the murder? Some of the stuff is handwavey, like finding a bunch of books, but this is getting into the realms of Just Silly. (And since Victor was still on the islands at the time Henry was killed, it's not like the Creature secretly followed him and took the chance to kill Henry, or plant his body or whatever.)

As a side note, I'm finding myself slipping into typing "monster" rather than "Creature" much more often now!

Most of the rest of the chapter is Victor being a) imprisoned, b) ill, and c) depressed (although at least he has reason!)
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