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Parasha: Frankenstein March 23rd reading

Sorry I'm running so late!

Now, after a chapter of Travelocity, we have a chapter of Things Happening! I'm sure this pacing would be just fine and normal with a more normal reading, but in a piecemeal one like this... yeah.

Anyhow, Victor has a moment of clarity, and decides to totally wreck what he began. And one of the things that did it for him was the thought of them having children and wreaking havoc on future generations. DUDE, you're the one putting her together, just don't include those bits!

I do enjoy the fact though that finally he realizes some of the stuff we've been realizing much sooner on our end - ie, the fact that said fem!creature isn't necessarily going to just go along with what he and the Creature have blithely decided, or that she and the Creature might just find each other repulsive. Maybe some of our clue-by-fours got through?

And dude, all the talk about Victor being your Slave? Any minimal sympathy for you rapidly dwindling...

And we're left with Victor being a dipshit and drifting out to see and into Ireland because he basically fell asleep at the wheel. And then getting taken in for a Murder He Didn't Commit. And then the chapter leaves off with him being all "Oh, I can't even think about this! What was waiting for me! Woe!" Which doesn't exactly build suspense for what's coming next, right?

And nicely coincidental that he just Happens to fall asleep and drift right into the place where the Creature's apparently wrought his next havoc, one would assume, right?

And according to The Poll, The Last Unicorn is still marginally favored, even considering certain people being themselves *coughcough*, so I'm going to go ahead and declare this the Surprise Winner for the month, so that people can go ahead and procure the novel, and I can come up with a schedule, probably tomorrow.

Any protests, give 'em now!
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