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Those in the Dallas area, and any digital musicans:

Alright, plain-ish entry header, but it gets the point across. I promised an online friend that I talked to for the first time in ages last night (merlekitty) that I'd pass along his request to people I know. And I figure this is easier than trying to track you down each individually (especially since I never see some of you on the instant messengers I use anymore...)

First, he's got a serial project thing going on based on bodyart - he paints a person's body (I'm not sure if he just works with women, or just hasn't happened to include any men yet), then photographs it. Some of the photos are on the web, although he's said he hasn't posted all of them for various reasons (so if you're shy about nudity, but still find this interesting, you might want to talk to him). The webpage where some of these photos can be found is at, so feel free to go nose around. I like the snake myself. ^^

He's also apparently trying to do something along the lines of a video game, for which he's seeking out a digital musician or two. No, I don't really know the details - like I said, I haven't talked to him for a while before last night. But IIRC at least one or two of you who (I hope) still read this journal are into that sort of thing, so I thought I'd give a head's up, if you might find it interesting.

My work here is done. ^^-b

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