Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Frankenstein March 20th reading

Well then.

I'm... not sure if I admire Frankenstein now more, or think him even more of a putz. On the one hand, he's finally coming around... right AFTER the Creature basically says "oh yeah, I am the one behind the death of your beloved little brother and your almost-adopted-sister, for no good reason other than they were there and I was pissed."

On the other hand, he's finally actually showing some belated compassion for his creation and taking some responsibility. Which is long, long overdue.

And back on the first hand, I'm not sure though how much of his "compassion" is actually that, and how much is his worry about the Creature's threats of further retribution.

So... yeah.

Anyhow, just can't wait to see how this works out...

Also, has anyone noticed that *both* of these guys feel totally secure in predicting how such a second creation, a female one, would think and react? They both just take for granted that she's going to go along with whatever the original Creature decides, whether out of his guidance or because it's assumed her own feelings and motives will be the same, because of being created the same way. Because yeah, we just KNOW all men think and feel alike because they are created the same way.

Yeesh. At this point, I think both of them need a storm of clue-by-fours about the head and shoulders.
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_frankenstein
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