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Parasha: Frankenstein March 14th reading

Blah, still not sure what I should write. Because it's story-time, and a bit... boring as far as, y'know, big happenings go.

Well, we do at least get an idea of the creature's first waking moments... but they're very vague! He only even very briefly alludes to having been in Victor's room.

Which brings to mind something I'd wondered before... the Frankenstein mythos as it stands often involves Igor or whoever going out to fetch a suitable brain, but no reference is made to such here. Just what is it that Victor used? If the brain was someone's, from a dissection table or whatever, there's no hint of the person the creature used to be, or of any memories thereof - he's pretty much a blank slate. How does that all work? (I'm guessing Shelley didn't really put to much thought into it, really, but as a modern-day reader who's used to bitching about plot-holes, this is a fairly big one!)

I'm also a bit skeptical about the creature's serious cognitive abilities combined with his total lack of information/normal development - he doesn't even have the instinct that touching fire is bad, yet he can figure out how to dry out wood and keep said fire alive? Enh... I dunno. (Also: Fire bad!)

I'm really curious also about this creature over the course of two years learning to speak so eloquently and everything, and wondering how the hell he knows who his creator is, knows where he lives, etc... but I guess at least some of it will be covered in the chapters to come.

As one last small note, this chapter sees the very first footnote in my copy of the book. The line "I started up, and beheld a radiant form rise from among the trees." is given the brief footnote of "the moon." Why that one particular line is *the* one out of the book so far that deserved a note, I do not pretend to know.
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