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Parasha: Frankenstein March 13th reading

Oh, wait, Victor's on a trip? I must have missed that in between all the "I'm so guilty *woe* *woe* *flail*" last chapter. Okay, okay, I didn't, but sheesh.

The obvious Big Stuff this chapter: we actually *gasp* hear the creation speak for the first time, and see a confrontation between him and his creator. With the promise of happy-fun storytime to come, so we can find out just what happened on the "monster's" end.

Some small notes: Victor actually *gasp* shows some small signs that he's starting to realize he has some sort of obligation to the life that he's created! And he only has to be hit repeatedly over the head with it to do so! But at least it's a start.

Also: mountain-climbing totally alone, in the midst of a fog and slippery rain and stuff, probably is not the smartest idea a guy could have! Just sayin'. I kinda figured it was the precursor to some fall and minor tragedy or something, but it was just the set-up for him to meet with the creation alone. Lucky Victor.

Anyhow, next chapter should be interesting!
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