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Parasha: Frankenstein March 10th reading

One thing I noticed again in this chapter: It's really just weird and bizarre to see people just casually talking to Frankenstein and referring to him by name. I mean, at the time it was a neutral name, like having someone address, say, Dresden or Thompson or whatever. But Frankenstein has become so well-known, such a part of our culture, and so steeped in "horror" and "mad scientist" and what-not, that it's just really really odd to see someone using the name so casually.

Also: if I ever have someone dear to me brutally murdered, please don't let someone like Clavell "console" me! Sheesh! (And along those same lines, what's up with commissioning a work of art of your precious wife to hang in a prominent space that records one of the most miserable moments of her life, that one would assume she'd want to forget? Gah!)

So. Other than that, two main themes to this chapter:

1) Enjoy the shining happy fluffy moments while you can, because life's probably immediately going to turn to shit after! And...

2) Don't be a total dick to your "children" and abandon them as monsters! Srsly, Victor!

I'm not sure if I want to say he's being hasty in jumping to his "OMG my creation is the murderer!" conclusion or not. I mean, on the one hand, his main reason for thinking any ill of the guy up to this point is his own feelings of guilt and abomination-performing in having created him, mad-scientist style. Way to project, dude! On the other hand though, it would seem suspicious for the creation to suddenly show up right on the spot! Although it's possible that the thing's just been following Victor around in general, and he didn't realize it until now.

And I'm curious as to how he (the creation... I don't want to call him a monster or an "it," really) knew where to go and who Victor's family was, anyhow, although he *was* in Victor's room for at least a while... but then, he shouldn't know how to read or anything and... argh! I guess we'll just have to Read And Find Out.

And how very sweet and Mary Sueish for Elizabeth to be the only one who believes in wassherface's innocence (seriously, I can't get emotionally invested in family members who are so casually introduced just to become important a chapter later! Or even remember their names, apparently). And to be so down and depressed because she OMG blames herself for William's death. But whatever. :p

So what have I forgotten?
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