Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Frankenstein March 8th reading

And here we go... finally, the meeting of the Creation.

"And I had selected his features as beautiful." Yeah, not what we usually tend to think of, when thinking of Frankenstein's Monster, eh? Even if it sounds like it didn't quite work out the way he wanted...

And so he brings the thing to life (no mention of lightning, by the way, but it is apparently raining at least...) and then rushes out and leaves the thing all alone in his workshop, newly wakened. Way to go, Victor! At least he gets really creepy dreams as instant karma! And then runs away from his creation a second time! *thwap* The main life lesson I've been taking from his story so far is "don't be a dipshit."

"A mummy again endued with animation..." Hrm, wonder if that's the first time this idea crops up in the horror genre, and if it's where the mummy monster movies/etc. come from. Or if it's just nodding to something that already existed. I'm not well steeped enough in horror movie/novel lore to be able to tell.

Victor's little recitation in the middle of his wanderings is the second mention of the Ancient Mariner, I noticed. I suppose it's all tied in with the conception of sinning due to carelessness/selfishness, and having to pay dearly for it.

And then by utter coincidence, he's just on the spot to greet Clavel as he arrives. Yeah, not contrived or anything. But oh well. :p But at least he finally eventually falls into the mad scientist trademark laughter! Gotta keep up appearances, after all.

And so we end the chapter with Victor being laid out unconscious for a Good While, and the Monster...? A mystery.
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