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Parasha: Frankenstein March 7th reading

Blah, left this later than I intended, so I figure I'd better post it before I catch up with my friends list!

Let's see: Is totally driven and focused for Science!, has let his morality slip because his work is Too Important, is totally focused on the really huge major goals such as Creating Life, and has dead body parts in his freaking rented home... yeah, I think Victor has definitely slipped into Mad Scientist mode. About all he's NOT doing so far is cackling and wringing his hands and stuff.

I'm so glad that in the process he's choosing his most important and beloved mentor with care: ie, the prettier one, who talks softly and butters him up. Not based on little piddling factors like which one's better at actual science or anything. :p

I was going to comment that I wondered just how he went about making a man of such stature, given that he has to work with normal parts... but he's apparently putting animal parts in there too? (Given his comments about his work taking him to slaughterhouses)... ewwww. I mean, I guess in one sense it shouldn't be much different from someone getting an animal part in a transplant, but then it is, because this isn't just substitution, it's foundation, if that makes any sense.

I think I could also go into a discussion about just what makes a man, soul, brain, personality, whatever... but I think I'll wait a chapter or two, to see if it says any more about that once we actually meet the "Monster."

And so much for his Beloved, that he's totally abandoning for like 2+ years because of first his studies, and then because of his Creation. Yeah, this isn't going to go well.

I also have to think of his mentioning his slacking off on his connection to his family/friends due to his preoccupation, and wonder now if it's intended to be connected to Robert's own sparse letter-writing to his sister at the start of his venture. Yet another connection between Young Victor and Robert, and reason for the former to try to temper the latter's enthusiasm.

Hrm.... am I forgetting anything?
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