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Parasha: Frankenstein March 6th reading

Ingolstadt is still not Transylvania! Sheesh, what kind of horror novel is this? Tsk tsk...

Oh sure dying woman, play matchmaker with your two "children"! Anyone else find that a bit creepy, even if they aren't related by blood? Although at least now it appears she was to consider them "uncle" and "cousins" rather than actual immediate family.

More Foreshadowing and Foreboding, being layered on with a trowel. Yes yes, I think we get the idea that you had a Nasty Dark Evil Brooding Fate hanging over your head, woe is you.

Anyhow, Little Victor is off to college. And definitely a Mad Scientist in training - apparently his problem with the sciences is that the people pursuing them just don't have grand enough vision. They don't want things like immortality, goshdurnit, they just want little petty things! How boring!

Anyhow, this is still the setting-up stage of things, but definitely starting to focus, now. Things are starting to develop.
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