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I'm such a waffler!

I actually changed my order of FFXIII to the PS3 version. So y'all won't see me taking up your 360 friends lists playing it. :p


Mar. 9th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Part of the problem with the minigames is that most of them in FF7 are sick and twisted minigames with, well, *very little reward*.

They're not terribly fun and they usually don't give you any real benefit.

But anyway. Some of it was knowing where everything was because I'd played the game once before, so I never found myself lost and searching the map for the next key, and some of it was *playing on the PC*.

Meaning, any time something really grindy and boring was coming up, I just skipped it. Racing chocobos for *hours* to get GP in 10-20 point chunks so I can spend even more hours breeding them so I can get a Gold Chocobo so I can race in the S class and get a couple of the unique materia and also get enough GP to unlock, say, Omnislash in the arena? Well, I *could* do that, or I could just capture the first Chocobo I see outside the chocobo farm, save the game, and edit the save file. And while I'm fixing my chocobo, I'll just toss on 9K GP.

I legitimately got a Gold Chocobo, once. Never again.

Same deal with killing the Weapons - I *could* dance around in the Northern Cave, farming one type of enemy for Morphed and Mug/Steal As Well Elixirs and another type for 1000AP a pop, or I could just level the materia by hand and go do the *fun* part of the challenge.

But, seriously, if you've killed Emerald Weapon, you've beaten the game. Ruby is just an equipment check, and if you can *survive* Emerald for 3 minutes, Sephiroth won't last 3 rounds.