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I'm such a waffler!

I actually changed my order of FFXIII to the PS3 version. So y'all won't see me taking up your 360 friends lists playing it. :p


Mar. 9th, 2010 12:44 am (UTC)
11.5 hours?

I know that's supposed to be possible -- just like in FF9, where there was a special prize for getting to the last dungeon in 12 hours. But I can't imagine doing it. I can spend 12 hours just talking to people in town and playing minigames!

Do you race from plot point to plot point? Do you ever need to level up?

(Genuinely curious.)
Mar. 9th, 2010 01:34 am (UTC)
Part of the problem with the minigames is that most of them in FF7 are sick and twisted minigames with, well, *very little reward*.

They're not terribly fun and they usually don't give you any real benefit.

But anyway. Some of it was knowing where everything was because I'd played the game once before, so I never found myself lost and searching the map for the next key, and some of it was *playing on the PC*.

Meaning, any time something really grindy and boring was coming up, I just skipped it. Racing chocobos for *hours* to get GP in 10-20 point chunks so I can spend even more hours breeding them so I can get a Gold Chocobo so I can race in the S class and get a couple of the unique materia and also get enough GP to unlock, say, Omnislash in the arena? Well, I *could* do that, or I could just capture the first Chocobo I see outside the chocobo farm, save the game, and edit the save file. And while I'm fixing my chocobo, I'll just toss on 9K GP.

I legitimately got a Gold Chocobo, once. Never again.

Same deal with killing the Weapons - I *could* dance around in the Northern Cave, farming one type of enemy for Morphed and Mug/Steal As Well Elixirs and another type for 1000AP a pop, or I could just level the materia by hand and go do the *fun* part of the challenge.

But, seriously, if you've killed Emerald Weapon, you've beaten the game. Ruby is just an equipment check, and if you can *survive* Emerald for 3 minutes, Sephiroth won't last 3 rounds.