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Parasha: Frankenstein March 5th reading

So Young Frankenstein and his sweet little love interest in trainingpossession"sister" never even quarreled or anything. How very sweet. And sickening. And unrealistic. But whatever.

Hrm, gee, think friend Clavel is being set up as a rival or at least foil or anything? Yeah, a friend around the same age and him and Elizabeth who's drawn to the very thing that's going to be Victor's problem presumably later on isn't setting up anything at all. (I think I'm just going to treat this read-through as something totally fresh btw, as I obviously remember next to nothing about What Actually Happens despite having read it before!)

Not really too much more to say about this chapter, since it's mostly just Setting Up. It is interesting to see a Mad-Scientist-in-training, though, and odd to see a science=evil mindset, even when the formation thereof is explained in detail.

And sheesh, foreshadowing a coming catastrophe, much?

Remember, daily readings, so Chapter 3 tomorrow.
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