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Parasha: Frankenstein March 4th reading

Blah, since I got woke up by sinuses after not enough sleep, I can't promise to be totally coherent, but at least should be able to get the ball rolling. :p

Actually it's Chapter I in my edition, but I figure it probably differs by edition at this point, and while I like Roman Numerals just fine, figure I'll do more normal numerics just for ease of everyone. And yeah, I can probably tell I'm lacking in sleep when I'm bothering to explain this at length!

Anywho. So, the first chapter proper, and we learn that Victor dahling, well, is a Victor (eventually, in an off-handed way, which works I guess), and is also TransylSwiss. Wait, what? I remembered that there were various things in the book that didn't mesh up with Expectations, given the incorporation of Frankenstein (and/or his monster) into the B-movie Horror Genre, but I'd forgotten that was one of them.

And in the main, this whole chapter is devoted to basically setting up the fact that Victor has a sister who's not actually a sister by blood, and that he grew up close to and devoted to. Yeah, cause we can never tell where THIS is going. (No, that's not a spoiler, since I don't remember it from my previous reading, it's just an observation of what ALWAYS happens when someone in a book has a "sibling" not of their actual blood raised in the same house with them.)

Although that "till death" thing in the last line of the chapter forebodes.

Anyhow, have at it!

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