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Aaah, the light, it burrnnns!

(Taking my other new icon out for a test drive in the process...)

Yes, I actually made it out into the open air and daylight today, taking the brief respite between the decently heavy snow of yesterday before the possible foot they're calling for within the next 24 hours or so. They actually *have* started plowing out the alleyway where our cars are kept due to the bank paving part of it over to segue between their parking lots (nice to know that business clout still works where the complaints of various home owners have failed). So between that and the partial melt due to just-above-freezing temperatures, I could make it out without much problem.

Made it to the mall, and bought *huge* stack o' manga (and one other book), a CD, a Nintendo DS (finally!) and a game for it, along with reserving two more games. Le sigh. So my wallet weeps, whistle I rejoice. And I also don't have to worry about deciding on that Amazon Prime thing just yet. Woot! What I have left to order at this point, I can just deal with the time taken for the normal free shipping.

Now, off to eat and start digging into happyfunmangastuff.
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