Laura Parkinson (stormfeather) wrote,
Laura Parkinson

Parasha: Watchmen January 29th reading

No need for a spoiler section or schedule link this time, eh?

So, wow.

Ranting about their super-heroic costumed capers, while he's wearing his costume around. Yeah, nuts.

Robert Deschaines... who was that? Was he mentioned at all before? I don't remember him.

Ah, good ol' tachyons. Science fiction's friend. You know, I have no idea what they are or are supposed to be in the real world...

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the animals. the horrific frying scene, and one of my main thoughts is "no, don't do that to Bubastis!" Of course, Jon isn't exactly very sympathetic most of the time...

Nice to see Laurie being proactive for a change... but she really shouldn't have taken the time to warn him first, since that stopped her.

The whole victorious "I did it!" while so much horror is on the screens... *shudder*

I'm proud of Rorschach for taking a stand, and also sad he had to die like that. And at Jon's hand too. RIP, Rorschach.

Nice touch with Laurie and Dan's silhouettes on the wall, especially tying in to Rorschach's mask on the next page.

Exeunt Jon.

Nice to have the little wrap-up at the end, and see that Laurie's continuing to have more of a spine, doing things more by her own decision than "just because." And letting go of a lot of the anger.

And at the end... nice cliffhanger. I was thinking it didn't matter about the fate of the journal, I'd forgotten that the newspapermen survived, and that it ended as it did. Man, now I want to know what happened! Although I know that's the point. But at least it's nice to think that maybe Rorschach didn't live and die for nothing. Although at the same time, that might wipe out all the good work that's been done... or maybe not, once those bridges are built. Blah.

I am a bit skeptical though that even after an apparent time jump of two months or so (it was around Halloween, now it's Christmas), things would be that much back to normal in New York. I mean, half the city was killed if we're to believe estimates, and some of the survivors driven insane. Just dealing with the bodies alone would be a nightmare. And with all the people gone from so very many different fields necessary to the running of the city? Well, I'm skeptical.

I know I've forgotten to get something scheduled for next month. I'm gonna try to figure out something short and sweet, and schedule it to start a week or so into February. Or I'm also thinking of maybe using February to cover various short stories that are linked on the web for a change, scheduling some as we go - anyone else have any thoughts on that?

Anyhow, in a day or so I'll probably put up a post on overall thoughts on Watchmen.
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