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Oh the weather outside is....

Hrm. Well, it might not be frightful, but it's starting to drift closer to it.

I put off ordering from Amazon because I figured that hey, it doesn't look like it's going to be too bad (this morning at least), and I should hopefully be able to make it out tomorrow to get to the mall...

But. It won't stop snowing. It's not snowing at blizzard speeds and heaviness, and the snow itself is relatively fine flakes, but it just keeps coming! Arrrgh! At this point, if it were to stop now, things might be okay and I *might* make it out tomorrow... the problem is though that even if the roads are for the most part cleared out (and thus I can get things delivered to my doorstep), the area where we park our cars tends to get fairly well boxed in, and the entire alley that our parking area sits off of doesn't get plowed by the city. Which means that even if I were able to drive on the roads themselves, I might not be able to get my car *to* the roads. And from what it sounds like, it's not even going to be stopping with the white stuff any time soon.

Which means that I was rooting for it to stop snowing Real Soon Now... but then I remembered that I'm supposed to have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. Which I really don't wanna go to. So... let's go, snow! Rah rah, sis boom bah! *shakes nonexistent pom-poms*

Of course, this also means that once again I find myself trying to decide what to do about Amazon, and Amazon Prime, and all that.
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