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Parasha: Watchmen January 20th reading (non-spoilers)

Nice little image of Chekov's gun there at the very beginning. :p

The first chapter the pirate comic mirroring the other stuff was nice, the second it just got to be too much, and this time as soon as it started my reaction is just like "ugh, not again." Then again, it might have been different and easier to take originally, with the individual issues coming out less often.

At least it's nice to see Laurie admitting that the costume thing isn't all bad. :p And at least she realizes she keeps bringing up Jon, and apologizing about it. And it does have to be hard not to have him come up at least sometimes, he was a part of her life for so long.

Think they could drop any heavier anvils on our heads about just what sort of paper the New Frontiersman is? Yeesh.

And the interesting and mysterious glimpse of the island...

And the crowd starts to get uglier and uglier. Both inside the prison and out. Nice to see that Rorschach can still manage to take care of himself though.

I'm not sure if I'd peg Dan as an optimist in this, or a realist. On the one hand, he's thinking the best of Rorschach, that he's reaching out for a friend and all. On the other hand though he doesn't have any illusions about what type of world Rorschach lives in, or what he does.

I like the little touch of Rorschach stealing more sugar cubes back at Dan's apartment. Of course, that's moved into the background (even more) by the reappearance of Dr. Manhattan. Poor Dan, just as things seem to be going well (except for the whole, y'know, having to change identities and start a new life thing)...

And poor Mason. Damn. Of course, I'm a bit surprised an old superhero would last even that long if his identity is made public, but still. That's one consequence of his actions that I'm guessing Dan didn't even consider.

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