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Parasha: Watchmen January 18th reading (non-spoilers)

Sorry this is a bit late.

Hah, you'd think someone would know better than to hit random fire buttons on a super-hero's vehicle! Especially when it's sitting right next to the missile button!

One of the nice subtle touches that I like about this - Dan's adding new sugar cubes to his container, after Rorschach just recently plundered a bunch of it.

You keep meaning to throw that picture away. Suuuuure you do, Dan. At least Laurie's not buying it...

This chapter is so sweet in a way. Laurie and Dan taking all their bumbling little missteps, and finally coming together. Even if it's the little kink in their mental makeup (or at least Dan's) that has them getting together at the end. Well, I guess normal people don't get dressed up in tights and fight crime, even if Dan and Laurie are about as normal in the scene as you're going to get.

And the interplay with the TV is of course great.

I like how, given half a valid excuse, Dan and Laurie are quick to get back into the superhero gig, despite the specific law against it, and despite the fact that Laurie always objects that it was her mother all along that wanted her to do it. I mean, while she's not the driving force behind the night's escapades, she's not exactly dragging her feet, y'know?

Also love the ending of the chapter, and Laurie's reaction. Heh. Very loyal of Dan, though.

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