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Parasha: Watchmen January 15th reading (non-spoilers)

Urgh, I really hope that psychiatrists/psychologists are generally better than they're portrayed to be all the time in crime media, because dude. And what is with that, anyhow? A trace still of the whole "hur hur, that's wishy-washy thinkin' stuff, not macho real, physical stuff like real men (and maybe women) do" motif?

And we find out that Rorschach has made anti-cop statements in the past at least, which ties in a bit to what I was wondering last time. Hrm.

Ooo, I'd forgotten about the Kitty Genovese case tie-in. Or more to the point, I don't think I even knew really about her case the first time I read this, way back when, so it meant nothing to me. I had also forgotten just why/how Rorschach's mask changed shape the way it did. Figures there's Dr. Manhattan involved somehow..

Ugh, the thought of anyone admiring the Comedian is... *shudder* I mean, from all we've seen, he was pretty much as bad as the people he fought against. Although now at least we can see why/how Rorschach was actually partners with someone... it was before the kidnapping.

Which... urgh. The less said about it, the better. Just... damn.

Man, Gloria comes off less and less sympathetic as the chapter wears on, doesn't she?

As for the texty bits, a withered rose? I was wondering what that was about, but then I remembered: it's probably the one from Blake's grave. Nice touch. I'm still wondering about the handwriting (if it is a cypher or not), and about the pepper. The former's pretty much got to be his journal, but I'm just wondering if it's supposed to be coded, or if he's just not really able to write well enough to read, and the latter I guess is probably the remains of some of the many bits of food he's purloined.

I wonder if Rorschach's father is supposed to have any significance. Other of course than the fact that he was absent, and his mother was a prostitute.

I think that's all I wanted to cover... anyhow, discuss! Not that y'all need me to say that...

Hello again, Mr.Schedule!
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