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Parasha: Watchmen January 11th reading (non-spoilers)

Man, think the beginning is disorienting enough? Of course, I guess that's the point, showing how odd Jon's thought process are, now, compared to normal people. Still, disorienting!

A comment I almost missed when he's being introduced at his new job: "A guy like that, a genius, even he couldn't figure out women!" Ouch... and the reply that he's just human. But does that apply to Jon, now?

Sounds like Jon was more reactive than active, even before he changed physically...

And the accident: Yeugh. Enough said. Except that it's still a bit... jarring, in a gritty, "realistic" superhero piece like this to still have the superhuman elements. But I guess they're part and parcel of what's being deconstructed here, so it has to be there. It just feels odd.

"The morality of my activities escapes me," as he's blowing up heads. Indeed.

Man, Jon really isn't good at this human interaction thing, is he? Pretty much shooting down Hollis Mason's rosy-eyed plans for retirement (well, at least in the sense he thought) all while he seems to be trying to just make polite conversation. A very scary type of guy to have such power.

Ozymandias, and his own little fortress of solitude.

Rorschach, and his dead multiple rapist. It's sorta like a kitty leaving dead birds on your doorstep...

One other last comment: it's interesting to see the concept of Singularity being raised here, although it hadn't yet of course been given that term, and here it's artificially triggered due to Dr. Manhattan. Still.

Anyhow, please, discuss!

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