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New icony thingies

So, in my quest to get myself to post more (and actually post, well, stuff, rather than memes all the time), I've created two new icons for myself to go with my current default (plus two others that I hate and never use anymore). One is my Final Fantasy XI character, which will probably be for flights of fantasy, etc... plus stuff about that game if I post anything. The other is the one I'm using for this current entry. It was such a yummy picture sitting on my harddrive, just waiting to be edited down and used... Mmm. Not totally sure what I'll use it for, probably thoughtful, pensive stuff.

I might eventually edit them both more in photoshop (add text or something), but this'll do me for now, since I'm not a graphics person anyhow. I also want to add an icon of my kitty at some point, but I need to get a good pic of her first...

Now if I can just kick the insomnia's ass, I'm all set!
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