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Parasha: Watchmen January 4th reading (non-spoilers)

Man, it's been ages since I've read this. I've forgotten much. Will do small comments as I come to them.

Well, the whole Rorschach self-dialogue certainly sets a chipper tone for the work to follow, I must say!

What kinda guy has a smiley-face pin on his bathrobe? Weirdness.

The whole interspersed police-and-flashback thing works out well, especially with the "Ground floor, coming up" bit.

While the more realistic approach to the whole superheroes thing (well, relatively speaking) is a nice touch, and a different perspective on the whole genre, I have it a bit tough swallowing that a legal act would stop all but the "government" vigilantes, since, y'know, the whole idea of a whole bunch of the superheroes is that they work outside the law in the first place, even if they're generally for justice. How many of them really would be stopped by an extra government act?

From what I remembered of Rorschach, it's odd to see him going out of his way to warn somebody, or remember his days as someone's partner. (Rorschach? A partner? *shudder*) The scene and self-dialogue at the bar are more what I rememebered, though. *shudder*

"Why are so few of us left active, healthy, and without personality disorders?" Hah. Hahah. Hahahahahaah.

I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the whole segue between graphic novel format and then jumping into straight text - not because I don't like straight text, as everyone should know by now, but because the dissonance between the two is pretty big. You have to shift mental gears jumping between the two, and it leaves you (or me, at least) a bit flat-footed, and almost resenting the text.

I do find it a bit interesting though that the text part brings up the whole idea of decadence hidden behind the quiet facades of rural life, which also came up in the Holmes readings. Small literary world, I guess?

It also makes me wonder a bit why what came to pass in the text *didn't* happen in the real world. I mean obviously not superpowers and all that, but why some of the people didn't take the inspirations of comic books and whatnot, and go out for the whole costumed vigilante justice thing.

Anyhow, that should do it for today for me, please, discuss!

And here's the schedule for those following along at home.
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