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Parasha: Watchmen Schedule

Here is the proposed (possibly final, barring objections) proposal for the Watchmen schedule. Since there has only been one objection to the choice of book, and I think it was humorous?

Mon. January 4th: Chapter I
Wed. January 6th: Chapter II
Fri. January 8th: Chapter III
Mon. January 11th: Chapter IV
Wed. January 13th: Chapter V
Fri. January 15th: Chapter VI
Mon. January 18th: Chapter VII
Wed. January 20th: Chapter VIII
Fri. January 22nd: Chapter IX
Mon. January 25th: Chapter X
Wed. January 27th: Chapter XI
Fri. January 29th: Chapter XII

Sound good? Am I forgetting about anything?
Tags: books, parasha, parasha_watchmen

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