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PS3 - engotten!

This Christmas I am now the owner of a shiny new PS3. Well, matte, but still new!

So for those interested in that sorta thing, my username handle type thang is StormyCoyote, since Stormfeather was taken (booo!)

Also, any suggestions as to games that I Just Can't Miss on the system? Anything else that I should know about it?

(Oh and... happy holidays of various flavors, everyone!)


Dec. 25th, 2009 07:50 pm (UTC)
Lol, I also have Demon Souls, Disgaea 3, and Valkyria Chronicles, guess I should have mentioned that. Have ordered Afrika. Will have to look into Uncharted 1 or 2, defnitely!
Dec. 25th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
Heh. Funny. OK. I knew I didn't have to recommend any PS2 games... ;-)

I've heard Afrika is gorgeous, have not seen it. Let us know!
Dec. 26th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
Oops, you already have most of the stuff i was goin to recomend :) I've also heard that Uncharted/Uncharted 2 are good Tomb Raider-esque adventure games (though i haven't played them myself) and i've heard that Infamous is a good comic book hero/sandbox game (though i haven't played it myself =)

I _have_ played Flower (on PSN,) which is an awesome but somewhat hard to describe game, and Pixel Junk Monsters (also on PSN) which is a reasonably good tower defense game.

I'll have to go over my collection later to see if there's anything else i'm forgetting.
Dec. 26th, 2009 01:02 am (UTC)
Any input on this Little Big Planet I've heard about but never really paid much attention to, not having had a PS3 previously?
Dec. 26th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
Oh yeah, it's pretty cute and i enjoyed the dozen or so levels i got through before i got distracted by something else. I never tried out the level construction tools though. That's one of the (many) games i need to get back to =P
Dec. 26th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
I did the demo of Infamous -- couldn't get any of the story in that, of course, but I did have fun zapping people, jumping on things, and pretending that it made sense for electricity-power to make me stick to power lines so I could skate on them.

I should get Flower sometime.