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Parasha: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: December 21st reading

Don't have as much to say about this one. It's never been my favorite - I don't actively dislike it, but a) much like "The Five Orange Pips," it has a bit of an annoying non-ending, where things don't really get wrapped up, b) About the only actual deduction that Holmes does is the bit about the distance, and c) it's all so improbable!

Anyhow, the moral of the story kiddies, is that if someone comes to you all secretive and furtive with a job, and one of the first things they make sure of is that you're an orphan and bachelor, you might want to consider very carefully whether you want to take the job. And if you do, for heaven's sake don't call them out on any falsehoods about their shaky cover story!

Scheduley scheduleness!
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