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Wow, are we halfway through the month already?

More drugs, yay! Sure Holmes, you're just there for the work. Riiight. (No, I kid, I kid.) Although one wonders what other vices that Watson has remonstrated with Holmes about, as mentioned alongside the cocaine. Possibly just the general extremes he goes to with food, energy, activity, etc.?

One also wonders what poor John (the coachman) does now... since he'd apparently been taking Holmes back to Kent, so does that mean he would normally have been staying there, and is now stranded in London? Unless maybe he'd always been in London and was just minding the carriage for Holmes while he was in the den? Meh.

Anyhow, this is pretty much the opposite of the previous adventure. There, it was mostly fact and danger, no real scope for deduction on Holmes' end, and ends in tragedy with the culprits having a probably grisly but unknown-for-sure fate. This time around, we have something that's mostly deduction (no sleuthing really on Holmes' end that we can see, just the story that he already knows and shares with Watson), no real victim, and what little justice is necessary meted out.

And poor Watson, getting woke up at not even four-thirty in the morning. Ugh. And one wonders the legality of creeping in upon a sleeping prisoner and giving him a forcible face-wash, but hey, that's not important, right? :p It's dramatic!

(One is also skeptical of a beggar making such a killing, or at least I am. But hey, Victorian begging is not a subject I claim to be an authority upon.)

Also, I *think* this is one that I'd actually figured out what was going on before Holmes did, which made me feel warm and fuzzy... but I'm not positive. And I suppose that's not really important. Except to my ego. *Cough*

The rest of the schedule.


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Dec. 15th, 2009 08:14 am (UTC)
Yeah, the whole "I'm writing this so I have an excuse to write out against opium" thought briefly occurred to me as well, although it could have been less disapproval and more (what I think you were saying) an excuse to write about something so vivid.

And yeah, clueless woman is clueless! And thinking about it, I can't really figure out if it's unrealistic, or if it's just reflecting the nature of wives in that society. Although I guess "unrealistic" isn't perhaps the best choice of words, considering some of the real-life stories of people living double lives and such. "Improbable," perhaps?
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Dec. 15th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)