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Parasha I, Robot wrap-up

So... now that the Thanksgiving holidays should be pretty much over for everyone, anyone have any discussion of I, Robot as a whole that they wanted to do?

I also wanted to apologize if my negative slants toward a lot of the stories got in the way when I was trying to spark off the discussions. When the book came up as the November candidate, I vaguely remembered not enjoying it thoroughly, but couldn't remember why, and figured it was time for a re-read anyhow. But I think that might have interfered with this reading a bit, and leaked out, so if that got in the way, sorry.

(For the record, I'm not sure why I had such negative impressions, since this was read quite a while ago, maybe even when I was still technically a teen - if it was from the characters, the datedness of the book, or just the sci-fi nature when I tend to lean toward fantasy. I suspect it may have just been the whole final "Machines running everything, making an ideal world for humanity whether they want it or not" concept that creeped me the hell out.)

Anyhow, looking back, I have to wonder how the hell anyone really thought this would be a good book to make a movie about, since it's just really not that sort of narrative, you know? (I also haven't SEEN said movie, so I can't really comment further.)

It seems like there was more I wanted to talk about, but if so, I'll have to do it in comments since I can't remember it right now, where most of the discussion will be hopefully going on anyhow. :p

Also, a reminder: since no one's spoken out against the schedule as presented, I guess it stands? Although we could futz around with some of the toward-Christmas dates still if anyone protests. But anyhow, here's the schedule again, and a reminder that "A Scandal in Bohemia" will be discussed starting on the second. (Wednesday.)


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Dec. 1st, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
Re: A random thought.
Yeah, and the laws also seem to evolve as the story goes along, although that might be in part due to the evolution of the robots. Although that still bugs me a bit, since as they're presented, they're like these WRIT IN STONE laws that allow no monkey-business on the part of the machine, so having them basically interpreted in different ways as the machines change seems wrong, somehow.

Maybe that's just me, though.

And part of me feels bad for the fact that you ended up going out and getting more Sherlock Holmes when you already own some, but then I realize that hey, buying more Sherlock Holmes is almost always a good thing. ;)
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