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Parasha: I Robot: November 20th reading

A three-fer, with Calvin, AND Donnovan and Powell. Didn't you miss them?

This story's a bit oddly dated again. First off, wow, $100,000-$200,000? That's an awfully low "big payoff"! Especially for something that could destroy one of their biggest assets.

Speaking of which... thinking machine? Wow, it's just REALLY odd to be reading sci-fi from the days before computers.

Awww, how cute! We're still getting references to the fact that a robot would basically "melt down" 10 times before being able to break the first law, despite evidence to the contrary. (Which granted Donnovan and Powell don't have, and was from a slightly altered first-law model, but still... my confidence in their statements is not exactly staggering at this point.)

And it feels odd and frankly creep to me that they're still obviously treating robots and, well, computers as "just machines" when they have enough personalities to not only form their own cult, but to start becoming practical jokers as well.

And I am sooo glad not to have been on that spaceship with the two men. Not only because I don't like beans, but because... can you imagine the atmosphere? EEWWW.

The warp scene was... just... weird. o_O

As for the story itself, it's a little bit different... there's *sort of* a problem to solve, but in this case it's more a matter of just following along for the ride, rather than trying to figure out the solution to some dilemma. At least, that's how it felt for me.

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