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Parasha: I Robot: November 18th reading

And Asimov is kind enough to add a quick blurb that addresses one of my concerns last time... apparently the journalist is "embellishing" the stories to make them more real. :p Well then.

Another First Law story, and does anyone else think that modifying the First Law is a strikingly bad idea, and the start down a slippery slope?

Also I'm troubled frankly by the casual idea of just destroying so many, well, *people* with above-human intelligence and obvious self-awareness, abstract thinking, etc., and the only objection is to cost. *shudder*

The story's also showing its age a bit, since these days most sci-fi seems to be along the lines of trying to give at least reasonable-on-first-blush theories on why/how stuff works, but here we just get the names of different concepts, and it's left at that. And then there's the lovely dated concepts of women who don't even know what all the nasty obscene words *mean*. ;) (As opposed to me, who would probably be explaining some of them to some of the guys...)

As for the story itself, it's interesting enough, playing around with the First Law. I'll admit my first thought was "well just put a human in a situation where he'd seem to be harmed by inaction, and see which one doesn't react, duh!" But I didn't think about the fact that a robot trying to hide would fake it. Oops! So they way they get around it at least is intriguing.

I just wish I found Susan Calvin more sympathetic as a character after her Harpy Meltdown last story. Ah well!

The schedule again, linky!


Nov. 19th, 2009 01:11 am (UTC)
I wanted to punch the roboticists in the face every time they called a robot "boy." The similarity to actual racist behavior in operation at the time the story was written did not endear me to them.

That, and the fact that the robots refer to humans as "masters"... *twitch*