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Parasha: I Robot: November 16th reading

Man, I feel like me and this book must have gotten off on the wrong foot this time around. Now it's like I'm going into each story looking for things to pick at. And finding them, of course.

I tried to get past that and just take the story on its merits, but really, the characters and situation just annoyed me too much. XD I mean, the three guys aren't exactly shining examples of humanity, but aren't too bad character-wise (especially with a slightly larger cast where it's more okay if they're not as fleshed out), but Calvin, who is all intelligent, capable woman, has one hint of love, and descends into near-insane harpydom? Blah.

Calvin just came across too much as a vengeful, unbalanced shrew for me at the end. I will admit that the ending surprised me a bit - I was looking for the "catch" as to why it wasn't actually a mind-reading robot, but that turned out not to be the case. And yet we don't have any idea as to why or how it's supposed to have happened, even in a handwavy "it's a property of the unobtanium waves" or anything. (I'm totally stealing that word btw, prince_corwin).

And since I was focusing on the wrong thing (whether or not the robot was psychic in the first place), I of course was bothered by the lack of scientific method here. I mean, I'm not exactly a scientist myself, but I'd kinda think that for a bunch of them, the first step would be, I dunno, some actual TESTING to make sure that the robot is in fact capable of reading minds, and maybe getting more of a grip on his actual abilities? Rather than just jumping feet-first into trying to figure out what went "wrong" in his assembly.

And I could continue to be mean and nitpicky and call the whole climax cliched (the whole "confront a logical machine with some illogical conundrum that it cannot overcome, hilarity ensues" thing), but I imagine this is, if not the first story, ONE of the first anyhow that used it, so.

Reminder of the book schedule.
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