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Parasha: I Robot: November 11th reading

Well, this is a... different one.

We're back to Powell and Donnovan, who still don't really feel like all that deep, realized characters to me honestly, and Cutie/QT, the evangelical robot.

It's hard to tell sometimes if this is supposed to be introspective about robots, or a slam on religious zealotry. Oh well, why not both, I guess? :p

Actually, while this story raises some questions and ponderings about faith, different perspectives, yadda, at the same time it pretty much cements (to me) a lot of the more normal questions from this book about robots and whether they're "people," their intelligence, and so on. Because I find it pretty much impossible to imagine a non-sentient, non-sapient being coming up with a freaking cult, of all things, and echoing Descartes in his own personal musings.

Also: 3 billion people on Earth? Really? Really really? Wow, guess a bunch of them are living off-world already. :p That boggles me though, and makes me wonder just how much the population of Earth has grown since this publishing, that 3 billion would actually sound like a reasonable projection at all at that point. (Actually stopping to look it up, according to Pete it was 1.6 billion in 1900, and still only 2.5 billion by 1950. Yowza, how things change.)

Also, sounds like the three Laws of Robotics aren't all that dominant after all! Oh, Asimov tries to give some hand-wavy explanation at the end of why the Second Law isn't being violated, but I don't buy it. If they're supposed to obey humans (so long as the First Law isn't violated), they're supposed to obey humans, period. Not give some convoluted reasons as to why they can't, really, honest guv.

And honestly, I'm glad they feel happy and fine putting the Earth's well-being in the hands of delusional robots, because *shudder*

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