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One thing about Dragon Age...

They are doing pretty well about the non-black-and-white choices. I mean, there are some that are still fairly black and white, but for the most part it's no longer a choice between "I shall sally forth and be a paladin of righteousness, at least for this quest/dialogue options!" and "*evil cackling laugh*"

Instead, we now have more subtlety. More of a "what do YOU think is the right thing, between two positions that aren't all necessarily right-or-wrong? Or do you even care?" And in some cases, really, more just a "okay, in which *particular* way do you want to be a complete and utter bastard?"

I'd say if anything, the choices on the whole are less about good and evil, and more about pragmatism in a tough time, vs. shiny happy idealism. Although there's still some of the good and evil around, of course.

It's... interesting.

(And I still have NO clue if thievery influences anything at all!)


Nov. 6th, 2009 11:16 pm (UTC)
For me, I'm decent enough in combat now, and can *usually* make it through without everyone dying (although one or two might buy it), but there are some particular fights that I've had to reload a completely embarrassing number of times. -_-