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Dragon Age Spoiler Impressions

And the spoily bits. Up to, um, well, just after the first time you have control over using the World Map, so after the intro and the first major bit of storyline, I guess...

So... how many people named the dog Dogmeat? *raises hand*

Also, gee, a group of people named the *templars* tend to be stuck up fanatics, who'd've ever guessed that one?

Was gonna post a quip dealing with the mage origin, but since not all people started with that, guess I shouldn't. :p

Also also, did anyone *not* practically see a giant red shirt painted on the king's armor? I dunno, his whole attitude, it wasn't exactly a surprise that he would be Ser Not Appearing in Most of This Game.

(And what IS it with various fantasy these days using "ser" instead of "sir"?)

And really Loghain dude, if you want your treachery to be more secret, you really gotta hide more of that whole grand vizier vibe thing you've got going on, you know? I mean, I wasn't *sure* he was going to backstab the king since he was supposed to be such a loyal, wise dude and all, but let's just say I wasn't gasping in surprise, either.

(And so, if the archdemon is a dragon, and Loghain is sorta stepping into his shoes while he's not appearing and betraying people and throwing the country into strife, would that sorta make him a False Dragon? *cough* Just wondering...)

As for the whole... Joining... thing... still not sure how I feel about that. o_O I figured that one of the recruits at least would be set up for redshirtdom somehow, maybe toward the tail end of the whole trial in the forest thing, but man.

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