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Dragon Age impressions so far

For the non spoily bits...

First off, I'm getting an AD&D second edition vibe for some reason, not sure what it is.

Second, I'd hate to be a guy in this society:

Man: *Is standing shaving at mirror in the morning*
Razor: *teeny nick*
Man: *Is suddenly covered in fountain of blood, obscuring the mirror and drenching half his clothing, making his face a mask of death*

Third... man, everyone DOES love the mages. desdenova commented on it as well, but I'd noticed it before that. Out of like about seven or eight people on my friends list playing the game, I think I saw a warrior and a rogue, the rest mages. (Including my own. No, you don't need to ask the race.)

Fourth: You know, the combat wouldn't be NEARLY as difficult if there was a "stop being a fucking idiot" AI option. Or more to the point, a "refrain from gleefully running off into the thick of ten million foes well away from your damn healer" tactic. Even a "get your NPC asses back here" quick button would be nice. (After the fact, I suspect you could possibly press both shoulder buttons to select the whole party and move them away from the fight, but not sure. Haven't tried it.)

Was going to post spoily bits under a cut, but since I don't want people not playing (or not as far in) to dread clicking on the comments, I'll post them separately. So don't spoil in these comments please. ;)
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