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Parasha: Oct. 29 reading (non-spoiler)

Dinner with the enemy, who are sympathetic but won't switch. So we have two openers, two closers, and one rat who was never truly on either side. All friends together. Dawwww.

Snuff goes nosing about the Good Doctor's place some more, checking the barn for the experiment man. In the process, he runs into Needle, who's still, ah, hanging about. *cough* In a brief discussion, Snuff finds out that Rastov never actually switched, and Needle also mentions still being in the game.

Unfortunately an interesting conversation is cut short by the Vicar creeping up and starting a shooting spree with a crossbow. Well, as much of a "spree" as you can get with a one-shot, slow-reloading weapon. But it's enough of one to cause some serious problems for Snuff. With Needle's help he manages to make it to the ground relatively safely, although he hurts one leg to some extent at least, but would be in real trouble if not for the Great Detective's timely interference.

It's interesting that the Detective not only knows of the Vicar's daughter, but doesn't mind him knowing that. Hrm.

Anyhow, after the Vicar's departure the Detective has a long chat with Snuff, showing himself to be not exactly clueless, even if he doesn't know the real details of what's going on. Snuff finally ends up revealing himself as intelligent, and showing the Detective where things are going to take place.

This all makes me "hrmph" a bit, because frankly Holmes has always been portrayed as highly skeptical of the supernatural, but then I guess in a world where the supernatural is "real" it's more likely I suppose that he'd finally find out this, and accept it as reality, since he's nothing if not pragmatic. It still just jars with his presentation in later books, though.
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