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TGS thoughts chapters 10-15

Chapter 10: More Ituralde. Zzzzz. But this is at least hopefully the last we'll see of him as a separate viewpoint character, apart from Rand's section. Also Rand shows some chutzpah (and/or just plain madness) just strolling into a Stedding among strangers that could prove to be enemies, but it works. And we get to see his Tavern... er.. ta'verenitude coming back into play.

Chapter 11: A minor character is introduced and quickly killed off, which comes as a TOTAL shock when the chapter is titled "The Death of Adrin" and we've never (as far as I remember) met an Adrin before. Which I'm mentioning because I'm trying not to think about Aviendha dragging her feet about picking up A Clue again. Or the Aiel being annoying in general. Like talking about how Rand "needs a beating" like a child. Stupid barbarians. -_-

Also one of the new lords seems to be already wondering about the wisdom of being around the Dragon Reborn, which may or may not sprout problems in the future.

Oh, and the Aes Sedai are still being stupid stuck-up gits about "Wilders" and so on.

Oh, and I also find it a bit of a stretch how Aviendha can suddenly be so... so... politically savvy, making all the right calls, and still be so dense about Wetlanders in general and so on. I mean... gah! *sigh*

This also seems to be the, um, enthralling scene that we have on the cover of the book, where what I just assumed Rand to be posing and perhaps planning on channeling something important while Aviendha looks on in admiration, turns out to be him, uh, ranting and raving passionately, over the fried corpse of a soldier and the ruins of part of the manor, while Aviendha is blackened with Ash and exhausted from channeling. With half the river dumped in the area.

*Looks at cover again* Um... yeah.

Chapter 12: Back to Egwene, a welcome relief after the Aiel, which I never thought I disliked before, but which are currently pissing me off. I don't know if it's my viewpoint that's changed since reading the last book, or if I just didn't realize it until I came back "fresh" so to speak, or if they've just gotten to the point where I just cain't takes no more.

Anyhow, after having one book that covers about three days (and one that actually even starts before the end of the previous one), we now skip a month between approximately two pages, which is a damn welcome change. Although that's not saying we skip a month everywhere - we might just be bringing disparate timelines from the various viewpoints closer together.

Everyone suddenly seems to be bringing Egwene in for advice. And Meidani now regards her as Amyrlin, and shows her the Black Ajah Hunters. Nice to finally see them and Egwene come face to face, even if they do act like self-righteous little prigs. We'll have to see what shakes out of that. Could be good for both Egwene's attempt to reunite the Tower under herself, and for the Black Ajah hunt.

Oh, and at least Egwene hasn't forgotten about Gawyn.

Chapter 13: Speaking of Gawyn...

Yeah, so when did he get so much better than a very skilled blademaster? Enh, whatever. At least it should mean Egwene gets a useful Warder. Another new character or two introduced, but they seem minor enough that I don't really mind. More fanciful sword move names. And an offer for Gawyn to be bound as a Warder (which he doesn't even realize at first, boy's not the brightest candle in the chandelier), which he doesn't exactly jump at. But would certainly piss Egwene off.

And the boy gets forcibly smacked upside the goddamn head with a Clue Bat, when he finds out what's going on with his darling Egwene, and he rides off into the sunset. Fucking FINALLY. So maybe we can get some resolution to the Egwene/Gawyn plot thread sometime vaguely soonish.

And if I remember Katerine is Black Ajah, which is why she knows Traveling (which the rest of Elaida's faction do not), and this means that the BA has pretty much forcibly taken control of this small group of Aes Sedai at least, without their realizing it.

Chapter 14: More Aiel. Meh. And more Cadsuane. Meh. Although she at least seems more... reasonable here than she has a lot in the past. Still pretty full of herself, though.

Chapter 15: More Rand the Bland and his Performing Aiel. This time at least we at least get to see a bit of Ishydin's study again, and see him act as Exposition Fairy for Rand, for some bizarre reason. Yes Rand, yes, Ishy is still alive, and is called Moridin. Yes, it's really real, even if it's a dream. Yes, balefire will kill them deader than Raid.

And Moridin still seems to have a weird Thing with rats. And seems to be pissed at Semy for torching Rand the Bland's Hand, since they seem to have some sort of male bonding thing going on, and he apparently was affected by it. (There was something odd about his hand back in his meeting with the other Forsaken.)

And we finally get to a) see Min grow a bit of spine again (even if not as much as I'd like), and b) hear someone fucking hit him with the "you'll need to break the seals" Bat of Clue. FINALLY! Which he's just like "oh, *shrugs*, makes sense"

Also, what IS it in this chapter (and much of the book so far in general), with people a) realizing shit without having it pointed out about a thousand times then told them directly, and b) communicating with others on their side? What book am I reading, again?

Although we still round things out with Aviendha still being both really politically ept and remarkably dense. *sigh* Oh well, one step at a time. Or one section of the floor to scrub...
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