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Parasha: Oct. 26 reading (non-spoiler)

Whee, a short chapter again!

Poor Snuff is at a bit of a loose end. With all of the Things but the Things in the MirrorBottle gone, his rounds are very short. And the Players are seriously diminished by this point, so his rounds in that respect are also undemanding.

He ends up larking about in the woods a bit, and is followed by a large wolf or wolf-like dog. He talks to him for a short while, and the wolf asks him about the area and the happenings, saying he intends to live there for the winter perhaps. However Snuff recognizes him from the wards as having been sniffing around the house, and realizes that the creature knows his name when he didn't give it to him, so things are a bit fishy. And not just because he's standing in a stream. So Snuff manages to use some tricks and shake him off his tail, leaving one more mystery in place.
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