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Parasha: Oct. 25 reading (non-spoiler)

Eep, almost forgot to write this up for the day.

So we mostly have the aftermath of the events of the previous night. Jill returns to the house with Jack, and Gray later makes a swipe at Tekela, but misses. And a brief... poem, of some sort.

The next morning Snuff mentions "the irony" of the previous night, though I'm not quite sure I get the reference.

Snuff and Gray head off to Owen's, where the constables are investigating not only the three burnt baskets holding the Things, but one other one containing BBQ'ed Owen. Personally, I'd rather have the squirrel, although I've never tried it barbecued.

Some discussion with Cheeter, where a favor is swapped. Cheeter wants his shadow returned, which should return his animal instincts to him (and take away his gift of flight and abstract thinking), and in return he'll investigate whether the sickle that Owen used has been taken.

Unsurprisingly to anyone at this point, the sickle is indeed missing. Well, it does at least puzzle Snuff a bit though, since it's not an actual Game artifact, but apparently someone's just grubbing for Power.

We also find out that Morris and MacCab are Openers, as was Owen, and Owen had been trying to convert Rastov to an Opener. Which makes things a bit tangled, since we're not sure who's all being targeted, or why. No one knows about the Good Doctor.

With Graymalk's help (and apparently the previous hints of the Ancient Cat for some reason), Snuff removes the squirrel's shadow in the right way to reattach it to him, and he scampers off, happy.
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