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Parasha: Oct. 23 reading (non-spoiler)

Long Chapter is frickin' Long!

One quick note, the illuatrations and their placements (at least in my copy of the book) do not exactly lead to a wonderment of what's going to happen in the chapter, you know? Yeesh.

A black feather shows up at the doorway. Sign of a spell, spying? Who knows.

Snuff is still sharing and caring with Larry. Mention of him possibly knowing the Good Doctor, which I think is just a throwaway humorous reference about all the various... things of that era being paired up together all the time. But I'm not sure.

The hillside that's a candidate for the center seems to be just a hillside. And the marshland if Larry is taken out of the equation is also just marshland, it seems. Poor Snuff still seems to be missing something. He may have to bring in a divinator, which leads to discussion of the role and abilities of a Calculator, which makes it sound even more special.

"He caught the smile and smiled back. It takes one to know one, I guess." Heheh.

We also get a side story about Rocco the dog, which is sad, but also feels a bit clumsy to me, because it seems to just be padding out the reason why Snuff doesn't tell Larry about Linda/the Detective, which would be the dead obvious thing to do. Blah.

The next major happening in the chapter is that Rastov is now dead, having been probably killed by someone for his Icon and had it made to look like a suicide. With Larry's help, Snuff and Quicklime search the place thoroughly (and I notice that Snuff and Larry aren't exactly worried about keeping Larry's identity/abilities a secret, although it may just be because Quicklime's a Closer, or because with half of his partnership dead he's probably more or less out of the Game.) Snuff does actually kindly offer Quicklime a place at his and Jack's house, but Quicklime declines, tired of it all. I am glad though that Quicklime's still okay at the end of it (I couldn't remember his particular fate).

We also find out probably more about Rastov's personality after his death than we have at any time previous. Poor guy. Although granted, Quicklime could be biased.

The next big happening is a quick trip to the Vicarage, since Jack and Jill are planning a trip to town. On the way there is some discussion of the various tools and their possible nefarious uses. "I understand you're safe if your heart is pure." "I'll try to remember that." Heh.

Snuff again shows his ability to learn and adapt by putting to use some of the tricks he learned from Larry, to manipulate doors and such. Which means again that he has to be a fairly large dog. Blah, I just can't get a picture of how big (or not) he's supposed to be. There's also some mention of the "big man" at the Good Doctor's having a bit of rebellion, which I guess is in line with his origins. That's one of the tricky bits of this story - trying to figure out what's important to the story itself, and what's just trying to make the characters fit in with their origins/previous appearances. And what's trying to be a clever allusion to such things, vs. what's trying to be a bit of, say, foreshadowing. Blah.

Our Daring Duo get a look at Lynette, but just a brief one, since the Vicar returns at speed, having been forewarned. He whacks Snuff with the riding crop, but Graymalk balks him, and Snuff makes a break (literally) through the window (tsk...) and magically barely gets cut. Then he gets to go back and rescue Graymalk in turn, who was badly struck by the Vicar and could have been killed. In the process, Snuff decides at the last minute not to tear out his throat, but to take his ear instead, and the pair make their escape. Given what Snuff suspsects about the Vicar, and his future intentions re: Lynette and his probably owning of multiple tools, possibly not the best idea. Especially since Jack and Snuff have been hinted to be less than squeamish at the thought of killing.

Finally, we have a trip into town for shopping, where they decide to split up (which is one of the major signs that this is taking place before modern times - obviously Snuff has never watched a Horror film to see why this is such a bad idea). Seriously though, Snuff knew they were being watched by Tekela and that the Vicar had to be furious with him, so this wasn't perhaps the brightest move. Granted Snuff might have had trouble conveying that to the humans, but he doesn't even seem to realize it himself.

Also I'd note that the humans also don't even seem to notice anything amiss with their animal companions, who have just been cut by flying glass and mauled with a riding crop. Yeesh.

And sure enough, Snuff is waylaid by thugs with the Vicar's assistance, and delivered into the hands of Vivisectionists. Ew. Another sign of the times, because really, how many Vivisectionists do you see in this day and age? Well, professional ones working together, for Science!, I mean.

(And as a note: I know that some are taking this as not necessarily a specific time, but more a symbolic thing or whatever, and I'm not trying to just ignore that or handwave it away, but it's not how I see it so I can only really react to things how I interpret them. ;) Figured I'd put in that disclaimer, still feel free of course to discuss things with your own point of view. Anyhow, back to the story.)

Snuff tries to break free, but with no success. But then he hears a sound that goes along with "the main curse," which had been mentioned yesterday. (And while I remembered bits and pieces of the events here, I didn't remember the Curse being so prominent, for what it's worth. Oops, guess I don't have to wonder about that anymore! Although I still could wonder side things about the actual terms/triggers/etc. of the curse, but that's not important to the story. Pout.)

And Jack makes his entrance, with Graymalk's direction, and things get... messy.

"I guess you've never met a man as really knows how to cut." Hah. HAH!

I'm not exactly sure about the 'I wondered what sort of light they would give' line at the end, though. Unless it's just referring back to the light in Jack's eyes under the curse, and the "captured starlight" in the knife (which I'm not sure if it's meant literally, due to magic, or just metaphorically referring to the "tamed" light used by humans).

Anyhow, enough! *pant pant*
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