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Parasha: Oct. 22 reading (non-spoiler)

Hrm, I'm wondering, should I keep writing up the summaries as I've been doing, or just write anything I particularly wanted to discuss, or make snarky comments on, plus any particularly important bits? I figured the former might be best to jog any thoughts or whatever for other discussions, but the latter would obviously be easier for me. I think I'll go with the latter, although if y'all prefer the former let me know, and I'll go back to that.

Apparently Owen has been doing some divination (not surprising, since he's one of the more actively magical of the group, as opposed to say Jack or Morris and MacCab), and Graymalk is an Opener while Snuff is a Closer. And yet they still seem to work together well, despite Snuff's comments just the day before about not wanting to know orientations because it makes it more difficult to do so. Huh.

And now I'm wondering about the curse that Snuff is apparently under. Again, I'm not being coy here, I can't honestly remembered if it's brought out later. I'm wondering if it has something to do with why he's in various Games, or if it might perhaps be referring to the Things, or both, or neither. Snuff's response makes me think more of the Things, though.

Also, I love the way that the phrase "Do you think he might be trying to persuade her to change - orientation?" sounds, while knowing quite well what she means.

An awful lot of repetition of the "no one can tell when I smile" from yesterday's entry, again today. Hrm.

Nice to see that the Elder Gods have the same views on Smiting as more traditional gods. Silly kitty.

I'll admit that I pretty much just skimmed along the long section of Graymalk's chanting. Since it's little more than a string of place-names, none of which mean anything to me. (I'm assuming they're from Lovecraft?)

I'm also curious as to what the Elder Kitty told Graymalk, especially regarding her right paw. (I can remember the overall details of latter events, shall we say, but not many specifics.)

We finally hear Growler mentioned again (remember him, back from the very start?)

We're also left with a chilling prophecy for the morrow (personally I'd have asked something a little more useful, since tomorrow's going to come regardless, and it's not like Snuff asked in a way that would help him change any outcomes if forewarned).
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