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Parasha: Oct. 21 reading (non-spoiler)

Yet another long section, which I should just suck it up and expect from now til the end. :p

A brief meeting with Larry, to share some info. "When I smile no one can tell." Heh.

We also see more of Rastov and Quicklime, quickly moving up to join Graymalk as a major co-operator with Snuff. More references to Quicklime living in Rastov's stomach, and just getting out in time. Ugh. XD That's a concept I'll admit I'm not really familiar with, snakes living in someone's stomach, although it sounds similar to some urban legends I've seen.

Looking into some of the details of Rasputin, one problem with the Rasputin = Rastov thing is that if we do assume this takes place in 1887, he'd only have been 18 years old. Although apparently until recently there was doubt as to his actual birth date so... Meh, I have a feeling Zelazny kinda handwaved the dates thing, anyhow, but blah. How can we be geeky about it, in that case?

Also we find out that apparently people can divine whether others are Openers or Closers, so chances are it'll all come out soon. And yes, as desdenova said, here it mentions that the losing side is (supposed to be) wiped out by the backlash at the end of things. Ouch.

We find out that Quicklime, wise as a serpent (heh), managed to get Needle drunk the previous night and find out about the Count's other locations, which means Snuff does indeed get to recalculate. And apparently "seeing snakes" is akin to seeing pink elephants when one is drunk, although I'd never heard that one.

We also get a small broody sequence where Snuff ponders about the Elder Gods (actually named as such for the first time in the book, I believe), and the beauties of nature, yadda. Followed up by more talk about Rastov, and references such as Pushkin (I guess one of Rastov's favorites?), the Alhazred Icon which Rastov has (which after looking it up links this book even more to the Lovecraftian stuff, not that it needed it), mention of the shores of Hali (which I still don't get)...

And this leads into the Big Reveal that's been foreshadowed already, which is that Snuff and Jack are Closers. And so, apparently, are Rastov and Quicklime. This is also followed by Drama, as the pair reach the Count's other resting place, and find a skeleton with a stake through its chest. Oopsie.

As if all this isn't enough, Jack is turning out to be borrowing sugar from Jill (how cliche), and there is more discussion with Graymalk. Apparently the Vicar has one of the game's artifacts, and also his step-daughter who is held prisoner suspected to be a future sacrifice.

We wrap things up with a visit to the Gipsies (sic), and the Great Detective playing the violin for them, as if we needed more clues about who he's supposed to be. :p

I may have more comments later if I think about them, but just covering this much ground for now is enough, I think.
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