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Parasha: Oct. 18 reading (non-spoiler)

Just as a note, still seeking input on possible books (or even whether anyone's interested in continuing) for next month.

Lots happens this time, but surprisingly not so much due to the death of the moon.

First off we get to finally see/meet Talbot in his wolf form. So does Snuff. His presence in the Game is a little more explained (but not completely, since the whole so-called-Game itself hasn't really been described yet), as has his interest in botany. He also helps Snuff finally get rid of that nasty old corpse that has been tiring him out for the past few days/nights. Which makes me wonder just what type of dog Snuff is/looks like (or types, probably)... he's obviously large enough for people/familiars to suspect him as a possibility when someone's killed by a large vicious animal, and large enough for Graymalk to seek his help in dragging a corpse, but on the other hand a wolf apparently dwarfs him in both size and strength. Hm.

We also see the Vicar and his nice little Secret Service (which is a pune or play on words), and learn that he is most likely involved in the Game as well. And get some naming of Things-That-Should-Not-Be-Named, if the description of the various Things in Jack's house already hadn't put us in mind of them.

And it appears that even the death of the moon hasn't yet killed all cooperation between the animals/people, since not only is Larry helping Snuff (who is, at least apparently, known to be of the same persuasion), but Graymalk and Snuff are still having at least some limited mutual assistance going on. It's a bit amusing that some of the most cooperative characters are a cat and dog, given their usual reputation with each other. Which is itself amusing, when I consider that my own dog gets along with both of my cats better than they get along with each other.

And finally we have a bit more musing on the possible center of things, and the introduction of a mysteeeeerious manor to the plot. Hrm. Interesting.
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