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Parasha: Oct. 17 reading (non-spoiler)

Before I forget, I've been meaning to add: Since we're past the halfway point of the month, it's probably about time to see if a) people want to continue this with other books past this month (I'd like to, but obviously it's useless without others), and if yes, then b) what book to use. Preferably it'd be one that has a tie to the month/season, but that's not required.


And we get a bit of macabre humor on the last night before the turning of the moon, when the various players may go their separate ways. Apparently everybody's been putting off some last-minute "shopping" in the graveyard, and gets to cooperate and switch things up.

Just for the heck of it, the voices as I make them out:

1) MacCab (identified)
2) Owen (identified)
3) Crazy Jill (a lady's voice, she's the only lady in this
4) The Count (Hungarian accent, which I believe would include Transylvania)
5) Unknown (the offer of eyeballs... perhaps Morris? Or could be one of the former, doesn't say it's a new voice)
6) Rostov (The Russian voice)
7) Unknown (the aristocratic voice)
8) The Good Doctor? (a "new voice" which uses the word "patella" which is unknown to the rest)

And the Great Detective is lurking about, but not doing anything, at least not yet...

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