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Parasha: Oct. 16 reading (non-spoiler)

Another longer chapter. Not much in the way of new concepts/characters or anything major, but a little bit fleshed out for old stuff. The slitherers seem to be up to something, but we don't know yet, if we will. The body-dragging continues, even more grossly. Ew. Poor Quicklime ends up drunk thanks to his master. A drunken snake? That's new.

Then we get one of the more important bits for this chapter, the discussion between Larry and Jack. Jack at least seems to be solidly allying with Larry, and vice versa, but we don't really know either of their thoughts. While Snuff has declared himself a watcher (whether that does refer to watchdog type things, or something deeper I still am not sure), while Larry's skill apparently lies in anticipation.

After that, Snuff talks to Graymalk again, who seems to have dined on bat this evening, and we find out that a) Jill really isn't as crazy as she makes out, and b) the death of the moon that has been previously mentioned is tomorrow, which ratchets the tension up a notch.

Tomorrow, we shall see what we shall see.
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